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December 14th Hexagon Theory

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LiveStream to discuss the Hexagon Theory for Institutional vs. Retail XRP markets

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  1. Bullshit. The 1% are going to crash the World economy and create a financial depression from hell. Common people will be forced to sell EVERYTHING or stave. Those who survive will be serfs and peasants. Count on it. Stock up on bullets, bandages, and beans.

  2. Hi Sam! Very interesting indeed. Sounds logical. Only halfway through the vid, but you suggest we have to get to know what the fixed price is. The way I see it, there's the oportunity for FI's to arbitrage. They're not obligated to only buy on Xpool.
    And I think this is something to consider: they would not be happy to lower the fixed price causing shrinkage to liquidity, but sometimes they have to otherwise everyone will become a holder knowing it won't get down. So 2 up, 1 down kind of thing?
    And with the 60B (well less now, don't know the number) in escrow, and just starting with Xrapid this could take a while to get that desired increase because of liquidity shortage.
    I guess we'll find out. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  3. Very interesting Sam. What I am finding most difficult right now is that the price keeps dropping even though the actual announcements of utility are increasing. At some point, surely the market will respond to fact. Anyhow, thank you once again. Really appreciate your work.

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