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December 17th Livestream Lid about to Come Off?

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Video Starts @10:50
LiveStream to discuss the new BearableGuy123 clues, Hexagon Theory for Institutional vs. Retail XRP markets, etc.

Daily XRP News


  1. @To the lifeboats, regarding BG123 latest clue, do you think there is a link with what happaned in 1919 in boston about the molasse flood ? what is surprising is the date 15 january 1919 ? Also price written on the cap. Molasse is something that can explode… projecting the price

  2. Phahahahahaha I died when you snapped that guys head off…."go to another you tubers channel" 😂😂😂😂 a bit intense, but I get it. Too many attacks on you and you're tired of that shit

  3. IMHO,
    SEC has nothing to do with banks/Fi deciding to use RippleNet . There's a difference between a solution (a utility) and exchanges trading XRP with institutions/retails in terms of securities ( hence the name Securities & Exchange Commission : The SEC protects investors, promotes fairness in the securities markets, and shares information about companies and investment professionals to help investors make informed decisions and invest with confidence. )
    So , I see SEC decision impacting BAKKT , Fidelity , …etc . And not corporates /FI using a transfer/settlement solution that uses XRP as a bridge CURRENCY . Legally SEC has nothing to do with that , unless you are either an exchange trading a security or a company that issued security / shares !
    In the case of ripple te company , the SEC might be looking into whether XRP is a security ( suspected ICO ?!? ) . BUT, if recently R3 is also using XR as a utility , then under what logical argument can it even be considered a security !?? that's argument is out of the window .
     So , I believe that all the comments related to SEC and SEC decision related to Xrapid use and adoption are mostly irrelevant . End of story .

    GLTA 🚀

  4. Sam!!! Haven't had the time to watch this yet. But how about this: You probably already know this, but if not.. Look at the imf site, search for Ripple(net), open the documentation.
    That itself is very cool to find. BUT, what about the random dates at the top of page 6??? 23, 24, 25 december. Looks almost like a BG123 clue :P:P What could it mean???

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