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December 28th Livestream DTCC in the Bag?

Daily XRP News

LiveStream to discuss the DTCC, BG123’s May $2396 XRP Prediction, Bush Under Arrest? Deep State Under Attack? WTF is going on?


Music provided by Argofox: DOCTOR VOX – Frontier

Daily XRP News


  1. Sam, do you think VISA buying Earthport could be a negative thing, considering the deal is advised by Rothschild and Goldman Sachs? Maybe that it's a strategic acquisition to try to prevent Ripple from gaining foothold in the banking system?
    Maybe thats what BG meant by "The king is not happy that the jester is having fun. Very Interesting Situations Abound". Your thoughts?

  2. Its interesting to note that the molasses jar in the latest riddle is sitting off the edge of the bookshelf right up the top, as if its about to fall off the edge at anytime and explode?? 😊😊😊

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