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December Stock Market Crash Conspiracy? XRP Gematria & JB Story Time!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Funny you mention stock market. On November 28, the DOW finished +617.

    617 is the 113th PRIME NUMBER. It occurred with 33 days remaining in the year and 11×3=33.

    Dow Jones=33
    New York=33

    Just like 33 days into 2018, the 666 point drop on Feb 2.

    Dow Jones = 33/111/666
    New York = 33/111/666

  2. Just for FUN try 》"Joshie Bear" = "reading the future" and "subliminal encoded messages" (🤔hmmmmmmmm). And "chosen beast omega prophet" (🙄ahhhhhhhhhh). "The planet saturn" and "the storm that comes"(🤯Ripple Riddler videos). "May thirtheet" (🧐whats up with that date Joshie Bear???). "An inside job" (👮‍♂️ now we got you). "Men love" and "the right hand helps the left hand"(😳😳😳 WTF) !!!! Just joking around 😉😉😉 》 Love your videos (2363)

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