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Defending XRP Holders, Legal Action Against the SEC, Congress Needs to Stop This Bad Actor Now

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The first day of the hearing in February seems a long time away.. I bet SEC has prepared their case well. The question will be, does XRP have a defense that SEC has not prepared for. Obviously they know generally what XRP will say to their statements, so what will XRP say that SEC has not already prepared to counter in order to get their case against XRP? And when and what and how do we define XRP as a Security, Currency or whatever, is that after, during the court case?… I know there are no answers from anyone here. Just thinking out load.

  2. Hehe good luck with fight back against sec..
    It time upp Xrp delusional people ..i told atleast more than 1 years back ..that this not going to be what xrp moon boys said. All the sign was on the sky ..but delusional people only follow ther fantasy.

    Today it is a fact…R.I.P XRP !!!!

  3. Here here! The SEC dropped a neutron bomb on the XRP community, while Ripple was in constant communication with the SEC and held XRP holders hostage for literally 3 years as other cryptos continued to thrive based on amazingly no true use cases but XRP was held back as news, after news event barely caused a "Ripple" in the price of XRP. The SEC overstepped it's mandate and harmed investors. I was one to quickly criticize the price of XRP whenever a great news event came out and the price didn't increase and lamented about if this crypto were a stock it would have been de-listed off a regular stock exchange and sent to the Stinky Pinkies OTC to die a horrible death. You as a investor have to always question everything and if you don't and shout down the people who are saying "The King has no clothes" then you too should be stating the same to demand answers.
    The future is here right now and the SEC just pushed us back to 3 years ago.

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