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Democratic Party Self Destructs – Elizabeth Warren Runs In 2020😂

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Elizabeth Warren is a typical College Professor type, she thinks all of the rest of us are are from the Pocono's and we drink that mountain Nectar(white lightening), these that have dreams of grandeur are eating magic mushrooms. Liawatha has had one to many PowWows with those "bogus cigarettes she is smoking.. She is the " reside of the Haight Asbury. Flower Children of the 60's.Warren thinks she is fit for the White House, but she is more qualified for the "Big House" . Then you have "Farticus" blowing wind out of his ass he is more of a Pee Wee Herman on steroids. To make a statement that he is Spartacus is is the personification of complete arrogance, a complete New Jersey "Putz". Then you have Kamela Harris who thinks that all other states should be like California, because it is a model state. It is a model state of medieval England and Europe. When they were dumping their chamber pots out the window and the rats were eating it and the fleas infected everybody with the bubonic plague(San Francisco shit all over the streets) welcome to the plague it's back by popular demand by Democrats. Harris celebrates this, " watch out or you will step on a needle". SanFrancisco the new Typhus / Typhoid Capital of the world. These "circus freaks " turn everything they touch to shit literally. Then you have " Mr. Grouper Joe Biden "feely touchy " with children running around frothing at the mouth, these are the ghouls from the celestial bar in George Lucas's The Empire Strikes Back " . Well it has become worst nightmare. Then You got Kirsten Gillibrand with her new car with a it's hoods going in every direction so she can politically posture the most popular opinion. She stood by Clinton when he was fondling the babes, then after he supported her for Senator, then she was Harvey Weinsteins attorney and threw both of them under the bus to be in sync (politically correct) to run for President in 2020, never taking a position on anything, then you have Bloomberg with more money than brains, this is a " cavalcade of circus freaks" that we have never seen before, The Democratic Party is is the party of the derelict and depraved freaks.The Democratic Party is so fragmented that "all the Kings Men Couldn't Put them back to get her again". Time to play Taps RIP.

  2. Biden??? I don't know, I am beginning to think he is ALREADY AT Military Tribunals. Have not seen evidence of him out in the public since George Bush Funeral.

  3. THe only thing That concerns me about Trump for a 2nd Term is he age. When Your 70 + The Grim reaper could come at any day. What I think is going to happen he will run and win and maybe Resign in about Two years after winning and let His VP who ever that will be in the second term Become President. Then the New President will run for election. Trump's VP choice for the second term will be very important.

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