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Democrats Vacation In Puerto Rico As Trump Plays 4D Chess !

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Today, we discuss a theory about what’s going on in Puerto Rico…

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Daily XRP News


  1. I'm so sick of this stuff. Yes. Why can't the people we elected just do the job we asked them to do. They are not just corrupt they want to kill us and our children.

  2. If you dont want a gun, a $3 can of brake cleaner isn't technically a weapon but it will blind someone permanently if sprayed in the eyes. There are also pens made of stainless steel at office max that you can carry anywhere.

  3. You are right about the depression that can set in researching this day after day. Also, no one to really talk to about it. No one can believe it and just dismissed it as BS. Then I get angry inside and the day goes on …. when will it come to and end?

  4. With this PR junket and then this latest thing where Pelosi was going to tour foreign countries before her travel authorization was revoked, is it normal for these people to be traveling so much when the congressional session just started? Maybe it is normal but it seems strange to me.

  5. One thing to keep in mind is Trump is not just one man. He has support & resources that pale in comparison to anything most people can even imagine. What we're seeing I believe is much BIGGER than any one man. Trump is the voice & image. He's only one aspect of a very high-level coordinated strategic operation involving many people that are being guided & led by a few very intelligent patriotic people within our military. It's being conducted at a level & scope of sophistication the world has never seen before. IMHO with Gods help, they will be successful.

  6. Child pedophilia goes clear back to Daddy Bush…"Franklin coverup." IF anyone wants more information on these pedos, look up reallygraceful's videos on utube. Podesta's art, …etc…

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