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Did Satoshi Nakamoto Release a Coloring Book?

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Wave and Ripple Design Book by Satoshi Nakamoto:


Satoshi’s Website?


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  1. That book clearly holds incoded within it the private keys to Satoshi's treasure. Who will succeed in decoding it first?? Ready Player One!

  2. Hey, Sam! Is XRP to mirror the advance and dominance of BTC in the future? The group of images you showed from the book is a set of five. Thx

  3. The book release dates have been changing. First was May 20, then june 30 now its july 25. Its disinformation to throw people off dates. Eventually the date will be right. It could be this month.

  4. Why would Satoshi write a book to do with ripple ? That makes no sense… I think Satoshi Nakamoto is just an alias everyone will use…. like John Smith. A great way to market the book. Even if it is just for Charity.

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