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Did XRP Trade $6 Billion in USD Yesterday?

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In short, no. This will quickly explain the why and how this happened. Apparently another 15 REP were transferred causing a second 6Bln USC Payment Volume Spike.

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  1. We really don’t give a Flying Fuck.. I need that Stable ass XRP TO JUMP IN PRICE. MutherFuck the volume and all that xtra shit..


  2. Sam no mention of Kitao retiring from Sbi??🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Lagarde "out"
    Kitao "out"
    Xrp liquidity head. "out"
    Buissness director. "Out"

    Idk Sam something ain't right IMO

  3. Life was better when I thought lifeboat, the Ckj detective, wasn’t a supporter of the rapist con artist in the White House. Lifeboat calls out Ckj & votes for the biggest con on the planet.

    There are no republicans who actually care about anything, otherwise they’d be democrats.

  4. 6 Billion USD would have translated to 15 Billion XRP moving at the current price. Imagine 15 percent of the entire genesis supply of XRP used in one transaction. Then; imagine 95 exchanges as xRapid partners around the world (currently 193 countries around the world) with 500 million – 1 Billion on each constantly exchanging value between them. The pressure would be immense.

  5. One of these days I wont have to work anymore because of my xrp investment because I will be on disability with neck problems from checking my portfolio all the time with no success.

  6. Thanks for being quick,calm, and to the point, refreshing in a space with a lot of channels with hype motormouths who ramble on about irrelevant crap.

  7. Thank you SamIam you are the first to explain the facts understandably with proof. Thanks SamIam Such people needs the community

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