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Diggin in the Ledger and So it Begins

Daily XRP News

The big clue not covered about the BG123 image is the BIS (Bank of International settlements. If you look at the color of the words “So It Begins” and line it up with the colors of the mountains, it becomes BIS. Interesting article from Ripple:

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Daily XRP News


  1. Bro you have GOT to stop pausing to worry about "oh wuuutttt? the video isnt working??? wuuuuutttt?" Every. Single. Livestream. ofyoursIwatch. Works. Fine.
    Nothing is wrong.
    Nothing is ever wrong.
    It very rarely stops playback.
    It very rarely is unwatchable.
    Stop this shit

  2. Thought BG was a failure. Why do people believe his lies again and again, maybe this is human nature always needs a hope to live the hard life.

  3. exchanges that are smart don't keep all the coins on a hard wallet, they keep it in cold wallet, and imagine if everyone in the world suddenly withdrew their coins on the same day. the network couldn't even handle the load and it takes time to move from cold wallet to hot wallet.
    the entire thing is one giant scam and a stupid idea.
    Bitcoin is tied to usd, but XRP will be on its own.

  4. Hey Sam, can you talk about HOLO in your next stream or so? I think it is interesting and Iam really curious what you think about it. Iam not very experienced in crypto and want to hear your thoughts on it 🙂 Ty!

  5. The key question for me – is why a heart and what does it represent? And why does it align perfectly with the broken scepter in the fire from the Christmas pic, when this new pic is overlaid?

    Heart = a reference to his heart riddle? or does it reference a date and therefore Valentines? or a heart pumps blood – is XRP about to pump?

    Dunno :o(

  6. FONT::
    Old English Text MT for the font.
    The font is a Microsoft font.
    Old english refers to the oldest old english text (Beowulf)
    The old english is also reffering to Bank of England
    Would all crypto's be in a cloud structure? xPool like ?
    Cloud could means the fog of all crypo's from which only 3 main will rise.

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