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Digital Asset XRP by Ripple has real utility. Learn the use case that doesn’t depend on speculation.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Our financial structure isn't helpful and after years of living by paycheck, I made the better choice of Investing in bitcoin until its zero or thousands. because the only other alternative left will be to go broke with everyone else in the world when I know dam well that bitcoin is building my portfolio from the comfort of my home, I'm cashing out steadily even when the market is unstable. It's a fact that no other digital currency has anything remotely like what bitcoin has built in an ecosystem or the capabilities of btc. The real crypto analyst and active traders believe that Bitcoin is about to enter a new bull cycle. It may lead the BTC price to surge in coming weeks and hit an astronomic level . But for the main time, I will advise against hodling of bitcoin and suggest Day trading with accurate signals. it's less risky and more profitable because everyone is usually scared during these times. I personally care less if the price of bitcoin goes up or down because I double my profits monthly within the range of $40k to $100k, simply by trading with accurate signals offered by Patrick Martino…a licensed crypto and professional bitcoin analyst. You can reach him directly on ( Telegram @PatrickMartino ) for further assistance in trading bitcoin profitably.

  3. We keep hearing all this stuff WILL happen, but it never does. Anyone who bought XRP, myself included 🙁 all bought the lemon of the crypto world.

  4. Thank god we have great folks like yourself giving those who buy in without researching something to understand about why we believe in XRP. Too many impatient people who dont understand a long term investment, putting in too much money thinking they should make a quick buck. It really creates a lot of toxicity and misinformation. Thanks for what you do, we appreciate it!

  5. What’s gonna happen when every country brings out their own digital money..? Also don’t see real use and adaption for crypto’s until next 10+ years, until then only pump and dump I guess!

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