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Digital Asset XRP Price, SBI Mr. Kitao, Japan Mega Banks QUIT Remittance Project, CME Certification

Daily XRP News

CME Market Makers vs. Market Takers – TRADING AND ANALYSIS
“Technical and fundamental signals often conflict with each other. There are times when the charts signal one direction and fundamentals scream another. An investor with knowledge of both can effectively enhance a portfolio by understanding commodity fundamentals and by using technical signals to get into or out of investment positions.”

Mr. Kitao has dinner with Mr. Fujimaki

Japanese Mega Banks Shut Down Money Remittance Program

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Always on point and calm and that makes you one of the best if not the best source of information ,I have been watching for months i rarely comment on vids …you is clever wise and cute .BOOM

  2. Earthport news … didn’t I say in your last post that Visa world come back with another offer on Earthport ? Lol…. I’m guessing whomever wins this tug of war Visa or MasterCard they will end up paying around 500 million for Earthport. The looser will prob go directly to ripple to get support or maybe will try R3 cords in order to use ripple … this battle is for survival

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