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Do you need a bank? Coinbase in Japan, SVP Monica Long talks Ripple & XRP, SBI Mr Kitao TV Program

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  1. PSA: XUMM app.

    -requires a deposit of 20 XRP
    -binds that 20 XRP to XUMM
    -does not allow withdrawal; spending; transfer of that 20 XRP

    Tested on Android early access app play store USA.

    Only possible option is “close account”

    Once clicked it asks to confirm close.
    -no mention of getting my 20 XRP upon closing.

    Please update if you have conflicting or additional information.

  2. Great video and Analysis. Over the years since I started investing in bitcoin, it hasn’t been so great and profitable till I met Mr Richard Baker at a bitcoin conference in Dubai last year. His analysis and lectures on BTC during the seminar changed a lot of things about investing in bitcoin. I realized how profitable and huge trading bitcoin could be ,So I approached him after the seminar and I got the link to his tlegram group @RICHARDTRADING and also WtsApp @+447482862366 . Since that very day it has been huge profit making for me trading BTC with his signals and strategy. This dude understands the market system so well that his predictions are always accurate. His new on new token/coin lunch is first class and with great profits. I have made over 15btc since I met him last year December. Richard is a life saver.

  3. Well done DAI I was interested to learn Ripple / XRP has the ability to use sanctioning to stop and prevent AML and terror finance, thank you. Your take on the value/utility of most of the top 10 crypto assets is spot on WHY the hell do some of these eg ETH LTC have such high values? A, – speculation and wrongly perceived worth. So, it now seems to be the greatest inhibitor to the rise of XRP is regulation everything else is in place. Keep on the great work and info. HODL Cheers 🐿

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