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Does Ripple have a Private XRP Ledger & What About Price? Brad Garlinghouse & David Schwartz

Daily XRP News

Brad Garlinghouse CEO from ripple. Digital Ventures interview

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Enabling the Internet of Value | David Schwartz (Ripple) | UNCHAIN 2018

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House of Representatives

Top 10 Shotengai in Tokyo

Daily XRP News


  1. Eri, if you can please explain in one of your next videos does Market cap and Total Supply really matters for the coin price.

  2. Thank you Eri! I appreciate your hard work on XRP. happy to be apart of this journey before it hits the masses. much love

  3. Thank you Eri
    Another excellent video. You should find and reach out to another nonXRP crypto youtuber and get a one on one interview where you talk to each other about your favorite crypto – i would rencommend Philpa from Cardano ADA – a cool guy with passion. It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship 👍🏻😀👌🏻

  4. Unless crypto as a whole has another big bull run, we may have to wait a couple more years for XRP to go up in price. Kind of what I'm thinking right now unfortunately. I want to retire this year.

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