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This video is made by CKJ Crypto News.Follow him on Youtube**** This video is not meant to be as financial advice. Always do your own research and if needed consult with a financial advisor. Videos in DailyXrpnews are made by XRP community members and these are for education and entertainment purposes only. ****If you need help how to get started with cryptocurrencies then check out tutorials Always keep your crypto safe. -> Learn moreBest places to trade crypto & get free XRP -> Start todayLedger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Daily XRP News
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  1. Bullzilla you're like some kind of oracle.. or you're from the future 😂 your calls.. 💥💥 Thanks for everything ❤️

  2. You are one of my fav dudes in the crypto space CKJ, but do you realize how much you repeat yourself?
    Do you realize how many times now you've claimed you will hunt for new gems (but never do)?
    Do you realize how many times you keep going on about how good your past picks are doing?
    Please skim through your videos to get a sense of what I mean. It's like I can hardly tell a difference between each episode. Every point I stop at randomly it's either just you-

    1- goovin to your same few songs (again)
    2- talking about doge (again)
    3- constantly celebrating successful past coin picks and talking about hellcats and beaches (lol, it is kinda funny though)
    4- constant shoutouts to members (victim of your own great success)

    Talk is cheap.
    Actually start finding some new hot coins!
    I WANT THOSE COINS THAT ARE CEX-y. I want dirt cheap TTT (Total Trash Tokes) that later get on freaking coinbase someday! I want winners to buy me them fancy chicken dinners!

    Here let me tell you a few I like from my own research-

    #1- dexkit
    It's bitboi squad backed and under 3m market cap. It had the usual bitboi blessing of doom pump n dump after he talked about it, but it is an interesting project with a possible huge future. Could it crash n burn more? Perhaps? It's down so much already so I don't know, looks kinda stable now? Would love your take on it. I am wondering if this is like the early days of the next uniswap or pancakeswap. The active watchers of this project is steadily growing each day, which says to me people are ready to jump on this but waiting to find the best buy-in point, but maybe it just never goes anywhere?

    #2- freaking DOGIRA
    It's clearly the KING of the MEME coins, still very early, and doing very well right out the gate after falling at first. It has probably the most hilarious and cute art that is a meme of both godzilla (gojira in japanese) and doge mixed together. The art team has such a win with this design and silly animations they put out! Like, it actually has a somewhat more original name and great theme.
    Unlike shallow pump n dump coins like safemoon, or moon this, moon that or even shiba, it has an interesting roadmap being a project that was aimed from the ground up to incorporate video games and NFTs projects into its fold (nft's are junk right now, so I'm personally more interested in their video game plans). Plus best of all, they hired on one of the original devs of dogecoin, then spent a ton of money for marketing (I guess they must have missed your channel though?). Right now it's my ONLY winner of all my uniswap tokens. How lame is that? Like I got some good projects with good future use cases, but they are all down… so nope.. it's the freaking memecoins everyone wants now. Okay great. Let's pick GOOD MEME COINS with good use cases then! DOGIRA IS KING OF THE MEMEAGE and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    ETHER 1 (etho)
    Haven't bought it, but it sounds interesting. What really catches my eye is how many eyes (abnormally high amount of watchers) are on it for how low the market cap is. Bit of an older project though so I am very much on the fence about it, and it's a total privacy coin (which might make it hard to get on CEX's and I tend to avoid those) but maybe that will be a huge plus down the road when CEX's are hyper over regulated anyways?

    Butterfly protocol
    Fascinating idea behind it, but hasn't caught fire yet. It is so websites can't be censored (you better believe this is needed in china! but soon USA too with how much freedom of speech is constantly under attack). Starting to move up after a long fall, but I'm not sure if this is a crowded space in crypto or not?

    Don't take my comments too harshly, your show is still very entertaining and uplifting. We just need to get you UNSTUCK from the same show loop you've been hung on for like 1-2 months now, and back to new things (a friendly critique). You been talking for ages about doing a deep dive on binance projects, but you never do. I am not sure if I care to hear about those because honestly, I think until it's easier for US citizens to convert and send BNB to metamask, these projects might lag hard. We don't have a similar problem for uniswap and etherium.

    What do I mean by that?
    If using binance USA to send out BNB to metamask (or any wallet)- You have to first send those tokens to some dodgey binance smart wallet thing with an abysmally bad rating AND also use a VPN in order to get around binance USA imposed geo-restrictions, all that just to convert the coins to the right kind of binance smart chain tokens to finally be able to then send to metamask. I don't trust that binance smart wallet app after reading reviews. I am wondering if that's also why you haven't gotten going on BNB projects yet? I am thinking that maybe it's what holds back the BNB token from bursting up even higher.
    Isn't it amazing that we Americans tout about our freedom… and yet aren't allowed to freely decide how to spend our own money and easily buy all these exciting new cryptos out there? The Crypto revolution can't happen soon enough, and the govt's are going to be caught with their pants down if they don't get on board (and not try to over-regulate it like they do everything else).

    DOGEMANIA 2021
    As exciting as the doge pump is… what might be even more exciting is what happens when it finally dumps and cools off so people take all that cash back into the other projects… A whole new batch of probably 10's of millions of new people into the crypto space, it might be the best cure to this red week we are starting off with. Your message is important for these new people entering this market and you probably say it better then any other channel… The future of money is here. God Bless you bullish fam-ill-aye and take care! =-)

  3. Bullizilla, I appreciate your insight. I’m on Robinhood and Webull, but have no access to penny stocks. What broker do you recommend… I want to get in on safe moon…

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