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Donald Trump Bankrupting US Economy With FED Reserve Creditcard For A Ripple/XRP QFS Bailout

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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  1. The key factors I'm keeping my eyes on is regulation clarity COMBINED with the SEC announcing XRP is NOT a security. We know these will eventually happen, and big money is waiting for that green light to jump into the game.

  2. Too bad Peter Schiff isn't on board with XRP. I listened to his advice for years and missed out on the massive gains to be made in Bitcoin because I was so focused on accumulating gold and silver. The metals are still a good investment I believe, but I should have listened to Max keiser back in 2010 when I heard him talking about Bitcoin. Anyways, fast forward to 2017 and I went through a divorce. I lost quite a bit financially in the split and was trying to figure out ways to recoup my losses. I saw the insane gains being made in crypto. I finally decided to dive in to the market. I saw all these Bitcoin people talking shit about XRP because it was the "bankers coin." I knew there will not be an overturning of the financial system as they will not let that happen, BUT I could place my bets in their corner and make some gains off of the new system they were looking to integrate into the already established banking system. So, I went with XRP as my digital assett of choice and it is looking like I may have made the right choice. Time will tell, but this is looking more and more like it will be the future of the monetary system. I either wasted thousands of dollars in this digital assett or I made the wisest investment choice of my life. Like I said though…time will tell. In the meantime…stay healthy my friends and avoid the beer flu!

  3. Another worthless and needless video from BB just like the last 90 videos, they are all the same with 0 to do with xrp and he keeps mentioning it over and over and the next video that will come will be same too. All his predictions and assumptions have failed since day 1. I love the passion but like to keep it real and honest.

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