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Drug War Rant

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. The sad thing is Sam there are Libtards that would watch this and say it's all lies. I wonder why Samsung link all household appliances to Smart Phones? Is it really for convenience or to monitor more of what we do. I need some getting off the radar tips from J. M.

  2. Mr Sam. I have a very serious question. Why would any US Citizen holding XRP vote for a candidate who wants to deport all illegal immigrants that come from Mexico? when they are the ones actually helping the volume of XRP corridor and price go up.
    By the way I completely agree 100% about what you say about medical issues in regards to prescription, health insurance, etc…..all for blood money. Just like in Africa—-> Diamonds for Blood.
    If some candidate in the US says they are wanting to give people Medical and Education to all for free, people cry "SOCIALISM……AAAAHHH we are going Communist!!!!!".
    Socialist Programs ARE NOT Communist Governments. Communism has a DICTATOR in place with absolute power.

  3. The law is what it is. Your doing the right thing if you feel it needs to change. I heard they were pulling oxy cotin off the market. A lawsuit is pending. Am i right?

  4. We call them "Pharmafia" in Spain. They get away with everything, they are bigger than big oil, have tons of money. Sadly, the misnamed "health authorities" are full of it as well. There´s a late 80´s BBC documentary on the brutal crisis benzodiazepines caused in the UK at the time. Official inquiries concluded they have intentionally hidden the fact they cause extreme addiction in no more than two weeks. They willfully pushed them as long-term anxiety treatments, rigged the clinical tests and the FDA cleared knowingly. Guess what, no action taken. At that time, Donald Rumsfeld was in the board of one of the companies holding the patents.

  5. you have big balls my friend and I 1000% agree with you; oxycontin ruined my older brothers life. It took him years to get off the crap and he is still not himself today, super sad.

  6. Im amazed that these streaming services aren't in cahoots with the establishment (aka censoring/refusing to host these programs). Great to see this info getting out. Thanks for the superb breakdown 👍

  7. It’s also the role of the government to regulate the profession. A doctor who makes too many prescriptions have to justify it in front of the social security inspectors.

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