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ECB TIPS Is Live. G20 Summit Is Today. XRP Added On New Exchange. Ripple Drop New Episode. BoA

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. yeah the key thing is the regulation and more specifically a possible statement from the sec on xrp. That would be the one most amazing thing that would send xrp to the moon. It would open it up for the banks to use in confidence and of course coinbase.

  2. Welcoming remarks by Ignazio Visco, the Governor of Banca d’Italia for TIPS LAUNCH EVENT

    "At its inception, TIPS will only settle payment transfers in euros.
    However, if there is the demand, other currencies can be supported as well.
    In fact, although TIPS is primarily devoted to settling euro-denominated
    instant payments, it has been designed as a multi-currency system." – Ignazio Visco

    "Alea iacta est" – Julius Caesar

  3. 5 to 10 years to hit 100 bucks ? You kidding me ? If people have to wait that long 100 dollar token I have fears that the value may never get there because most will sell early because they do not want to wait that long ! Geez I was hoping for 50 to 100 in 2019 , why do all these other crap coins sit around 100 to 200 not even around as long as XRP ?

  4. Alex, I will clarify my comment earlier. What I mean is that it is the Banks and Governments are willing to lie to keep XRP cheap. Cheap until it is time to push liquidity through the system. What do I mean by liquidity? High and sudden volume to push money quickly that the price of XRP is already too high for most people afford a single XRP. The only winners in this game are the hardcore holders of XRP. Think about it, Banks and Governments do not want millionaires from this technology due to increasing costs of buying out all the bags. It is cheaper to lie to everyone to keep XRP cheap as possible until it is officially GO time! If I was a bank or government, I would lie my ass off, spread fud, and whatever I could do to screw everyone for cheaper bags.

  5. Am hopin xrp stays stagnant or lower referring to your previous comments regarding dropping to .26 so can gobble up more and more first week of December. Heck yeah! So lucky to find xrp now! Woo-hoo!

  6. B of A will not announce any partnership with Ripple because no large US bank will claim any ties to it until the SEC clarifies about securities. So, blame the SEC.

  7. Alex is making money off a lot of you. Theres nothing coming to XRP any time soon. Especially without any regulations or SEC announcements. I've heard Alex, Logic, and many others state they forsee a $100 XRP token within a 2 to 3 year period. I love how they are now pushing that prediction back. The truth is, nobody knows what's going to happen. This is all a GAMBLE folks and this kid makes at least $70 to $100 in tips by just reading articles. Its really stupid that people tip. If this thing explodes you're making him Rich AF… why? Lol. You're hoping to get Rich off this shi$.. just hold on and keep your fingers crossed. Nobody knows what tomorrow will hold with this stuff.

  8. December dip as all the kool-aid drinkers that had unrealistic expectations drop their bags when we're nowhere near what they had hoped for. Holding cash, will buy their bags on the cheap 😉

  9. I think unfortunately the price of XRP will maintain it’s current range or go even lower until next year.

    I also think with Bakkt , TD, Fidelity, etc. involvement that the price will STILL not go up for crypto‘s in general.

    Which will freak the strong Hodlers out; and that Will crash the market.

    Because THEY (now control the system) aka the manipulators..and they will shake us out even harder.

    I could talk all day about “Those” that invented manipulation, speculation, markets, trading, banking, and how they work; but I won’t

    ***It’s all a tool to destroy the middle class. To take your money, put you in debt, and make you a financial slave.

    Don’t fool yourself, crypto is controlled.

    But I am a long and strong for XRP because the people who control this world already own XRP.

    My 1 st exit-strategy in 3 to 5 years is $333

    XRP 🚀🌔

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