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**EMERGENCY DECLARED** Bank of England, Philippines & Japan Confirm Ripple/XRP Adoption In BIS Docs

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  1. Nice as always. 2% inflation annually. I have wounded about this number. It is high, but hopefully we get fair rates and the fractional money creation system goes away. If/when we go digital its not going smooth for the banks. Banks will implode and they must know it already, and that is FUD:ish. No one will give up their power willingly. Only way is to flip the switch and say that this is the new system, we cross out this in the balance sheet and you will be compensated for the rest of the losses in this new digital currency (XRP, cbdc), carry on.

  2. Your right gold, silver will be the hedge and I would add gold miners and junior miners are a buy here. However I doubt XRP will rise as Ripple will keep price cheap for its banking partners and they simply profit of the actual software. That should be evident already as all the increased adoption and partners have done nothing for the price…. Unless retail fomo in XRP will remain in this range. Bitcoin however is being pumped by media so the upside is there and other altcoins like Ethereum. Im invested in XRP but it's years I think before we see returns that are of any significance. This guy is over the top so research before you invest

  3. Great content pal
    U will probably think am nuts but do u have faith I prayed one night a few month ago what I should do and that I need money not just for myself well the day after I got a sign I wish I could send u the photo u would understand so I put everything I had on xrp the funny thing is am going to give most of it away anyway
    I tried a year ago on the bitcoin well I got ripped off by a scammer from a company called anyways some info for u good luck sunshine

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