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Daily XRP News

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I love seeing Binance eat crow too. This will make people wake up from their riculous support for an antiquated coin , smashed by IMF and USA regs up next to kick it in the nuts.
    Regs could absolutely smoke BTC. "Get out" of this house and cross the street to XRP baby where we don't need retail stress in long term AT ALL , ZERO.

  2. peoples are crazy to stay there money on cryptos because it is look like they will use only stable coins all around the world for more stability who can sleep whit more than one thousand dollars in cryptos those time so you can but you may loose 235$ for 7 hours of sleeping ! lol

  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….i have been telling you for a long time..this guys is selling you dreams……this man has convinced you all to buy this coin…and it all got dumpoed on your heads…do your own research and stop listing to youtubers!

  4. XRP is just following BTC – no need to worry, I would like to see it go down to .05 because in 5 years time when I need it I will have more.

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