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Enabling the Internet of Value | David Schwartz (Ripple) | UNCHAIN 2018

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Mason Cross Mason Cross Mason Cross Mason Cross You and many Americans are unaware that we lost America long, long ago. 1913.
    What everyone is missing is that we are losing What we have left of freedom rapidly.
    The purpose of the virus is to take our minds of what they are doing behind the curtain.

    XRP also called ripple, is creating a One World Digital Currency right under our noses.

    Starlink is making every human on Earth trackable in real time. Phone or no phone.

    Bill, Gates of Hell, is making a “Vaccine Patch” that implants a Auschwitz like barcode on your flesh that can be read by a smart phone and give every single bit of data that has been collected on you from any and every source instantly.

    Once these are done, and it will be soon, we are lost forever~!

    And “My Man” Trump is part of the prosses: Every time you hear him say “A Level Playing Field," it is code for XRP=Ripple.

    Track and Trace, is code for the Aischwitz Barcode.

    Every time you hear, "The Intent of Things." It is code for Starlink or Skynet.

    Face it folks, if we do nothing about these three things, we are forever fucked beyond all repair!~!

  2. He is awesome, great explanation for a wonderful project.
    Out with the old n in with the new!
    I hope it does remain open -source

  3. The most IMPORTANT question and the most enlightening answer was at 29:00. The listener effectively asks how banks would be able to settle some billion dollars in payment with another bank when XRP is at $0.20 (not liquid). And Mr. Schwartz answers: Nobody is settling on the XRP today. This will come as soon as XRP liquidity has scaled. You know what that means, right?
    Just an example The daily FX market moves ~$5 Trillion. FX is a pure liquidity market required to settle any SWIFT or other transactions between currencies. Now, to have that liquidity in the market and start the settlement on XRP you have to at least have a value of $50 per XRP. But this of course is without all the account holders that use XRP as a stable coin and all the other usages that are planned like the Flare Network. How the hell would you get $50 into XRP? That is the point where IMF and the Central Banks might step in. The digitial Central Bank accounts every Bank and every citizen can hold could be internally transferred to XRP to generate interests. Because the CBs promised to reinstall interests for the public. These interests might come from an inflated currency. This means CBs will have full control over their currency and eleminated the banks' fractional system from the equation. As soon as the regulators allowed to, Banks could also stack up on XRP to go the sharp rise with the CBs. This way, the banks have increased their core capital to a degree that all their current problems are almost wiped out. The rest would be eliminiated by concerted inflating the non-digital currency (all your insurance contracts, 401K, pensions, cash, debts etc.) while paying interests to the capital holders using the XRP rise vs. inflated currencies. This would be a really smart move by the system to keep itself alive and stick to an open market principle as a pole vs. China's centralistic approaches – they kill all that debt and liabilities in the old currency, kill unworthy banks and completes the CBs influence on the local markets perfectly. They could even send money directly to the citizens CB accounts and control how you are allowed spend this digital money to individually push market sections.

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