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Enron 2.0: The Biggest Short Opportunity of 2020

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This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I completely understand if you disagree with my opinion and think i'm an idiot. I have no problem with that and can fully accept it. I respect that people genuinely want this company to succeed so they can disrupt the automotive world and help provide cleaner air for our environment. Like Steve Jobs said "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do"

    I think that EV and other alternatives to ICE will definitely succeed in the long term, but I also believe it is being heavily overestimated in the short term. Eventually EV's will dominate the automotive industry, I just believe it will be the already established companies who have been around for decades that will have most of the market share.

    P.S. Believe it or not, I actually think the Model S is very sleek and beautiful car.

  2. He's not a genius, he's not autistic, he's just a pretending nervous socially awkward mouth piece… So transparent. (I'm a therapist) 😉🙄👊💥😌😄🙋🙋🙋

  3. With Elon building the largest Manufacturing Plant in Texas after a promise made to President Trump, seems your missing some key metrics that provide price discovery! Be careful speculating against what seems to be reality!

  4. Sent it to my daughter who would love to get a tesla. Lucky is to expensive for her now.
    She's like a tesla maxi. Told her to watch this video

  5. Alex you talking about Stock Options ? Like you said Buy those PUTS as far out as possible. I have friend that invested more than $25 K into Tesla. He told me he sold his XRP to buy more Tesla. But in California there has been crashes that the battery burned up the drivers. The fire department is scared to go near those cars cause they could get electrocuted. So they have to have Tesla people come out to the wreckage. Then after weeks later the battery caught on fire again at Tesla lab again. I live around the corner, my friend told me Musk told everybody to go back to work. While that Virus 🦠 was raging in that building

  6. Undoubtedly Tesla has its issues but you could be making a big mistake if you short the stock. As you pointed out, Tesla cars are everywhere; the streets are flooded with them here in Oregon. I’ve never met a Tesla owner who was unhappy with their car. I doubt that demand is a problem. Especially considering that there are always hundreds of thousands of preorders. Anyway, if you want to get rekt like David Einhorn then go right ahead.

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