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Epstein Finally Arrested – House of Cards Tumbling – Jeb Threatens T-Man?

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  1. Get out of jail free card .. Turn over Bill Clinton and the rest of Pedo's . He will roll over on Old Bill and Creepy Joe

  2. Hey, J.Bear everything you're saying is true. The one I'm waiting for is Hellary, her title is call,
    P e d o v o r e, I was told this about a month or so ago, and this is what she really is. Which makes her, no it one of the worst inhuman people on the face of America..
    Oh, prayers for President Trump and family, prayers for vice president Pence and family. God bless us all..

  3. The bulletproof glass is good but, our president gets his protection from God Almighty due to millions of people praying for him. WHO can withstand the LIVING GOD??!!!

  4. Not to change the subject but the new IPad t.v. ad 'time for change" is very anti American and shows satanic hand sign. It is said that the next false flag is shown in this video. Check it out

  5. So much social justice BS whirling around, I wonder if Epstein will really get his just reward? They'll figure out a way to let him skate!

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