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Ex SEC Official : Ripple / XRP Social Media All Conspiracy

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Obviously a stall. The question is why? Answer: Ripple is so far flung across the globe now and so far ahead of the QFS utility curve, the U.S. needs time to catch up. Large banks in near panic mode as it is now time to pull the switch.

  3. Great video,i have spent lots of my time trying to get something profitable in cryptocurrency from the trading knowledge i get from youtube but it seems not working out instead i'm getting more loses than profits.please can someone guide me on how to make good profits on cryptocurrency?.

  4. I believe it's an ancient story…King Manilaw's the Greek king on Greek coin…and Ginslers one face of the coin and Ripple is the other and their collusion is why they won't release the 60 odd memos. It's a Shakespearean farce. But I love the idea of Xrp but it will enslave the future to a 2 faced reality. Great short story to govern for a thousand years…but wars and slavery will continue without appeal. Great mystery to invest in. 😀

  5. Apparently Joseph Hall is blind to the facts, the videos and the payments to Bill Hindman. Joseph you can not just ignore the mountain of evidentes that prevails social media, you can not just dismiss it because it is from social media either….sometimes the truth just hurts, not all stories have a happy ending, sometimes heroes aren't bulletproof.
    This should bother you Joseph, the fact that every single person who had anything to do with the Free Ethereum Speech left with in days of Jay Clayton leaving the SEC. As soon as they all thought everything was dead and buried they left. If it wasn't for Joe Lubin gloating about the manipulation he was involved in, to anyone who would listen, live on stage many of the times. This has lead to tons of video footage showing this corruption. What's scary, is the fact they just might have gotten away with it too if Joe could have just shut his mouth. Apparently nobody was listening to the lawyer who got up onstage and gloated how he was charged with changing the public's viewpoint on the fact that Ethereum held an ICO and the fact that Ethereum is Centralized to this very day!
    I sure hope they do not try to put all this on Charles Hoskinson or Gavin Wood, this was all Joe Lubin using the JP Morgan style of Market Manipulation & Corruption 101 from their own book of how to cheat at whatever you do!

    Joseph Hall have you been watching the circus that the SEC has been pushing in the courtroom, just about daily? The SEC will sink to whatever level it feels it must, because they view themselves as righteous and God like. They believe whatever they need to do to get the result they want is justified because in the end….they are the SEC and can do no wrong. Complete arrogance mixed with a mountain of ignorance, makes for a very dangerous SEC.

    Anyone thought that maybe the death of the SEC is what Gary Gensler's goal is? Maybe he wants it do die, only to be the one who is allowed rebuild the New SEC the way he wants it do be. The Howie Test has now become a hindrance in the way Gary wishes he could run things?

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