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Exclusive Interview Justin Sun TRON TRX, Ripple Connection & Spin Off Co. GlobaliD

Daily XRP News

CoinTokyo in Japan gets an exclusive interview of Justin Sun

Greg Kidd, Chief Risk Officer Ripple Labs Senate of Canada 2015

Everything about Wagyu Beef!

Daily XRP News


  1. Here is some info on where's the Beef: we have a local rancher which we source from here at the Food Studio in Montana. Here's an article: (He's a great veteran) If your ever planing a trip state side, Bozeman, MT is a great place to dine. Take it from a semi-retired Chef. #XRP& Great Food 2 Boot!

  2. XRP is the black widow spider spinning her web everywhere and her keeper is the IMF. The bank of England shadow owners are the Rothschilds. check this other video which confirms Lynette Zang's research. This is why I get upset with the xrp religious leaders, the warlocks and jim jones's who cast spells and put on virtual blinders on the lazy followers.

    . Knowing the history of the Rothchild's and the IMF it should be the responsibility of the XRP cheerleaders and cult priests to tell the whole story and that is the dark side of RIPPLE.

  3. i am an XRP holder and invested heavily but I see where all this is heading. i am riding the cash bull but cautious of when it starts to buck the naive and blind, trampling all under foot at his master's command

  4. If only 15 million people worldwide hold cryptocurrencies, that's about 1 in every 500 people (or 1/5 of one percent).
    I think we're early :-).

  5. QUESTION: Is it possible to do a video on exactly how the crypto market
    (and especially XRP) is being manipulated? Be sure to include
    real-life examples.

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