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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Was thinking… Everyone's thinking XRP is going to be a high price stable coin. Okay well it got me thinking. There's no way it would naturally pump and stop at a set price and forever be a stable coin.. No! Odds are it would literally just flip to its stable price in a blink of an eye. . . So that made me think of the XRP glitches! What if they aren't glitches! But more like a test! Flip it on and off in milliseconds!

  2. Speaking of the Battle of Midway, I highly recommend a 3 part series created by YouTuber Montemayor that's one of the best explanations of the Battle, from both the US and Japanese perspectives.

  3. love the video but the thing to me is that DigiByte and xinfin have the ability to do this as well. xrp has more connections, its just crazy to me to see a high price xrp

  4. Drops can be fractionalised?? MilliDrops… Haven't heard that before. If this is so, then this removes a problem (that may arise),when sending Fiat or Stable Coin value (via the XRPL), internationally between currencies of vastly different values.

  5. Great vid, Bitcoin prices will always rise in response to market demand and not against it. This is the traditional nature of any market and Bitcoin prices are no exception to this.but one thing you should know is that for now is that. due to highly volatility, hodling is risky. so what I've been doing lately is just trading daily with the accurate signals of an expert trader named Patrick Martino and I've been cashing out steadily, increasing my portfolio from 1.9 BTC to 5.5 BTC in a month without waiting for the price of bitcoin to go up. So I will advise legit traders to do the same thing by trading daily with Patrick’s signals because they're accurate 99% of the time and also simplified to help both beginners and experts earn massively from the unbalanced nature of bitcoin. You can reach Him easily on Telegram (@PatrickMartino) for his expert guidance in trading profitably.

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