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  1. Ripple: XRPL Labs Says It Is In The Process Of Obtaining A Banking License For XRPTipbot
    The XRPTipBot allows users to send and receive XRP, and has already been integrated into Outlook, Gmail, Twitter, and Reddit. It was recently revealed that the XRPTipBot is being considered for integration into Skype.

    The banking license would be accompanied by KYC and AML features that would make expansion for the product easier, at least as far as persuading regulatory authorities to allow operations is concerned. A successful application for the license would allow XRPL Labs to offer remittance services in the XRP token. A full banking license would allow for a greatly increased scale of operations.

  2. Sam, shit is about to go down. China looking for an alternative to using the current banking mechanisms!

    Any move by Beijing to keep buying Iranian oil — which analysts predicted China almost certainly will find some way to do — would force the United States to decide whether to impose sanctions on Chinese financial institutions, which are increasingly important in the worldwide economy. China could also set up a new vehicle as an alternative to using the current banking mechanisms, as the European nations have done to keep doing some business with Iran.

    “Iran sanctions are going to be a big challenge for the U.S.-Chinese relationship,” said Jason Bordoff, the director of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy and a former energy adviser to President Barack Obama.

    He added that if Chinese imports do not drop quickly, the American sanctions could be applied to Beijing’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China.

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