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EZ Global Bot is a Scam

Daily XRP News

HYIP Details:

Scammer’s Website:
BS “Plan”

Assuming the Exit Scam hasn’t happend, feel free to Join their chat:

Daily XRP News
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  1. Sam just make a video that says all bots are scams. Anybody who has been trading for a while knows there is no way to make money other than by making your own trades.

  2. look whos changing his image! from price prediction puzzle deciphering jibberish to actual reality which adds value. took awhile but a welcome change which isnt going unnoticed by those above 🙂
    good work

  3. I hope you carry! Takes large balls to put yourself out there like this. I don't know where you're hiding the wheelbarrow you carry them in but it's under you somewhere.

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