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Financial Times Interview of Daniel Aranda, Ripple’s Managing Director for Europe

Daily XRP News

What will next year bring for cryptocurrencies? Ask our banking editor and Daniel Aranda, managing director for Europe at Ripple.

Daily XRP News
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  1. PSA: Don't get confused between what Ripple as a company does and their crypto coin, XRP. Unless these partners are using xRapid System, there isn't a direct benefits to XRP coin for the partnership utilizing xCurrent. Yes, if Ripple as a company does well overall, it will surely raise exposure for XRP coins. Approach any investment opportunities with caution. You must comb through all possibilities. Yes, Ripple is by far the most driven, real-world application, focused blockchain company out there. That alone is a huge positive. Amazon had serious roadblocks when it began its modest beginning in the 90s as an online bookseller. 20 years later, it is threatening the very existence of old-school retail business model, including Wal-Mart empire. GOOD! Ripple has that potential against traditional payment settlement companies. My money is on XRP more than with any other shit-coins out there. Banks and governments are not going away. Taxation WILL NOT go away. Forget your "HIDE-YOUR-TRACK-FROM-ANYONE-COIN" Those will be gone in the future. Ripple is the only company openly engaging in dialogues with regulatory agencies, and the system, banking cartels. This world isn't going to change as far as who runs it. Power that be will not allow "anonymous" crypto. Don't trust me? Wait until you have to start filing your tax with statements these exchanges will be forced to send you. US Government forced secretive Swiss banks to give up their century old business model and release list of acct. information belong to US citizen. You have NO POWER against this government. YOU DO NOT. I repeat, you FUCKING DO NOT. You think you do? Enjoy that IRS letter. Don't get emotional with your trade decisions and investment opportunities. Get it through your stupid fucking skull that the government will come after you gains, one way or another. Now fuck off!

  2. The Ripple team is incredibly consistent in delivering their on-message facts, beautiful coordination of the conceptual understanding by all their executives. Brad, Chris, Stefan, and Daniel, all consistent. This is a major accomplishment in of itself compared to many other companies. It shows great discipline.

  3. Another member of the ripple dream team they have such quality people
    Try and even name 5 plus people with any other block chain
    I am so confident my investment is in safe hands
    See you all on the beaches of the world with XRP August 2019

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