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Finextra interviews CGI, Talks Chris Larsen and Ripple 2015

Daily XRP News

Finextra interviews CGI Talks Chris Larson and Ripple 2015

Daily XRP News
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  1. This bitch is grasping to straws with holes in them. Her suggestion of “wiping customers accounts to source liquidity”
    What a fucking hypocrite, and the regulators won’t have a problem with that but she says regulators will have to think hard about 3-5 seconds of exposure to volatility from liquidity providers sourcing liquidity.
    This video must be old Bc Ripple has established a worldwide network of 100+ RippleNet members and growing. Any others members could provide liquidity for RTGS for smaller institutions or payment providers
    via MULTI-HOP.
    Ripple has a solution for every potential problem that arises, they’ve developed this plan years ago and have progressively building all the necessary different areas to create an ecosystem within certain regions around the world. Liquidity providers will be abundant in 2019.
    Ripple goal is for banks to hold XRP. Fuck that Bitch

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