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Former SEC Chairman FIGHTING for Ripple In Security Lawsuit. Forbes Calls For SEC TO WITHDRAW

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Don't be surprised if Marry Jo White going the other way round (backstabbing ripple/ or STILL claiming XRP is a security) when the Globe knows its NOT,
    Remember This Carefully… ANYONE appointed coming from Clintons/Obama/Biden Administration should watch out.. Looking forward to buy the DIP!!!
    OH… and Brian Brooks will step down if Biden Admin takes over? that itself.. tells you ALOT!!!!

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  3. Unfortunately I think its going to break to the downside Monday and Tuesday, Binance US is suspending trading on Monday and Coinbase on Tuesday it's going to be a big hit on volume. The MACD on the daily is turning bearish going into the weekend and on the weekly its still trending down. But I think it will have a sharp correction to the upside after that. Another drop below 20 cents is coming, so save a lil cash to pick up another bag before it recovers. Just my opinion though, good luck everyone.

  4. I think we're gonna win to but remember a trial also voted OJ innocent and the cops who beat Rodney King not guilty. This is America we're talking about

  5. Political correctness is wild these days but I think the preferred term is "Chairman" regardless of gender. You could say "Madam Chairman" also.The job title is 'Chairman' in the same way an actress is formally and preferably an 'Actor'.

    By saying "Chairwoman" or "Chairperson", people are actively labelling someone because they wouldn't have done the same if it was a bloke. Which is descriminatory.

  6. KraKen is halting XRP trading for US residents? What does it mean when KraKen said that US residence with open XRP spot positions on margin should satisfy their margin applications by January 28, 2021 or their positions will be liquidated in accordance with our terms?

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