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Fox News Reports Ginsburg Death – Biden Calls Trump “Evil”

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Daily XRP News


  1. "Weekend at Bernie's" lol. They accidentally almost let the cat out of the bag on RBG. They will roll her out at an appropriate time, according to their distraction needs. 2 weeks max

  2. The Dems are keeping RBG alive hoping that Wicked Witch of the West gets in the WH inorder to replace RBG with a Alt Left Justice. Also think about this if they can take out Trump and Pence in a single action how many SCOTUS Justices will they attempt to take out at the same time or shortly there after. GOOD NEWs: Trump was placed in the WH by GOD, GOD is protecting DT and his family. Tomorrow is the 1st full business day everything will likely get kicked off with in a day or two of Barr becoming AG. Once AG Bar takes office and he see the Mueller investigation details AG Barr will realize the corruption of the investigation and fire Mueller and the entire team shutting down the investigation.

  3. Yes, Ginsburg has bought the farm. No disrespect, as I’m sure she was in on it. Waiting on the opportune moment just like with Poppy Bush. Loved the look on Brian Milmeade’s face!😂

  4. All serious new outlets (yes, even Fox) have backup graphics already made and ready to be first to post it. Get over it. Sounds more like your argument is with the lack of term limits. Lifetime appointments were and always will be awful. Be well

  5. They were leaving US with their families because assassination attempt to take out Potus and VP. Guy arrested plotting attack on WH. Karen Pence losing security detail. Melania travelling in secured military jet. They tried to get her in Scotland. They buggered off to Japan before JFK was assassinated yes? President Pelosi if they both die yeah? MAGA my lovelies 🇦🇺🇺🇸

  6. AHHHHHH JOSHIE JOSHIE!!!! Don't call her Ruthie!!!! That's my name. 🙂 It's a happy name! I think the woman has been dead so long that even if she is on "ice" she has disintegrated like old ice in your freezer too long!!!! A shriveled, dusty, mess! Thanks for the video's!!!

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