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Daily XRP News


  1. Oh well, it wasn't last Friday. I did find a really interesting Document that I am very certain relates to XRP. Ripple/XRP is mentioned as a 'Startup' and the Ripple Riddler always shows the Central Character as a very young man. However, if we follow XRP back to the Fuggers, the Fugger Family ran a Copper Monopoly in Europe for many hundreds of years. Could they be planning to run a "Crypto-Monopoly" for the next few hundred years by feeding XRP to the Banks as an answer to the Digital-Currency changeover?

  2. Nothing happened on Friday 😉We're in a bear market now and that goes for xrp as well. These wild predictions are crazy in a bear market. Good news and product launches dont move coins in a bear market. Not even bakkt will.

  3. Probably it is also possible the dollar is going to be devaluated by 1000x over night… what will mean XRP automatic will be 1000x more valueable. Devaluation did happen in the past with other countries already.

  4. Don't over think, He wears green to signify there is money to be had, and the purple hands means he had been dying eggs so it must be Easter! you notice that the letter "B" is absent from this picture meaning " B-ware" … of fud

  5. Since “Friday” the volume is growing dramatically, this leads to liquidity and we all know what that means🌬🌬🌬😇🌈🥂🥇 What do you think ???

  6. Hey there SamIAm, I've only recently found you and have been catching up on your videos!! I noticed that in one of your videos you made a passing comment about the end of the rippleriddlers video saying that you and the team didn't know what the end of their video means. I noticed that on the rim of what looks to be a blue lens are the numbers 346/4, 346, on the government calendar is December 12th not sure about the 4 also there is the number 769798 which is a Hex color. Again not sure what this means but I know that the shape Hexagon keeps coming up in XRP riddles etc just thinking aloud. Keep it up, these are exciting times and I'm in it for the long Haul, see you on the other side

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