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“FRIDAY” November 16th Livestream Q&A

Daily XRP News

A brief discussion about the events that happened on Friday and a Q&A session with questions from Chat.

Someone requested so here’s the details:
This is my personal wallet for charity. Several of you have wanted to contribute, and helping me help others is the best way. You’re welcome to contribute, but it’s not expected or even asked. I will do my best to tag all transactions and be as transparent as possible.


Daily XRP News


  1. Also does it matter to the rest of the world especially Asia that SEC are delaying a decision on whether XRP is a security? What I mean does it hinder there banks in using Xrapid? Would the Asian/Euro banks prefer to hear that decision before moving forward?

  2. Hi Sam I was Blown away when you spoke about the Riddle that I put my decoding on and Said someone did it good!!! It wasnt cryptonewshunter he just shared it I guess? I have a XRP 589+ POSITIVE GROUP PAGE on facebook and im fordfalconxm on twitter you rock!!!! Thanks Nathan

  3. Just an observation I've made about price suppression and the Shane Ellis model: All year we've been complaining that XRP price has been kept down through manipulation, and that good news that would've blown up the price of other tokens didn't move the price of XRP. With the "surge" model proposed by Shane Ellis, and hinted at by Kichiro, a low-priced XRP is completely necessary. With the price of XRP right now the majority of the orders on the order book are clustered around the 50 cent mark, and it's far easier to eat through them than it would be at a higher base price. Can you imagine the cost of pumping the price on the RPPS if the BOTTOM dollar price of XRP was at 10$ or more?? I think it would be in the area of tens of billions rather than millions. Even a 3$ price might have made this cost-prohibitive, and might have been a factor behind the crash in January that brought the price back down.

  4. Hi Sam, I am a big fan of yours, I have been watching your videos for the past month, I wanted to send you a video by Crypto Wealth, it truly bothers me to see this video of him explaining why he believes that XRP will fail, I 'm heavily invested in XRP and I would like for you to give your thoughts and your opinion concerning the video, I would appreciate it if you do. Thanks Sam.

  5. People are complaining about the Friday and the Monday and the temenos update and no price increase. Look at what has happened since Friday. Mad Volume and now we have CW and this whole BCH fork. BTC is in the 4.8k zone and xrp is still 50 cents is amazing. All this bitching about price increase is kindergarten. It's just a matter of time, your going to look back and see that you were nothing but a whiny little bitc#.

  6. SAM ! PLEASE help me with this. What i really dont get , is that if XRP price truly needs to be much higher for real functionality , then why isnt there much more investment in XRP ? with the lack of people buying XRP it says that the higher price you speak of must not be the case , surely ?

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