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George Bush Twitter DOWN | Funeral Envelope Updates and Military Tribunals In 2019!

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Daily XRP News


  1. The government shut downs usually have THOSE people flapping their YAP constantly and we have CRICKETS from them right now!

  2. We are all depending on each other, the citizen journalists. Its the only source of current events without the propaganda spin attached. Stay strong everyone. WWG1WGA

  3. That anyone would believe that any of "The Elite" would actually create and/or transmit their own tweets or other forms of "mass" communication at all hours of the night and day never fails to amuse me….That's what low level; staff members are paid to do.

  4. President Trump and VP Pence were together moments before entering the room ! It would be natural not to act like long lost buddies after being together 15 minutes before .
    Guess your best

  5. Hillary Clinton tweeted yesterday. The only account that is protected is Bush, who might have shut it down to grieve for his father…..

  6. Think about it this was the only way Donald Trump could get all these people in the same room at the same time we did it he had Bush Senior executed I knew that would bring all these people together and it did damn Donald Trump is so smart and the letters was just to let the world the rest of the Patriots in this country no Donald Trump and the military is in control if any of these people start talkin about what's going on they will be executed immediately that's why I know I will talk about this

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