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Ginsburg Mystery Envelopes of Doom – Major SOTU Popcorn Event 2019!

Daily XRP News


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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi Joshie Bear, I sure hope your bones and muscles are feeling better lately. Did you say STOCKS? In the beginning ? I hear bonds and gold and silver are really cheap rt now.. or and look into mutual funds ,check out thier taxes… Did you hear about the Hearst leaving RBG's house a day or two ago?? N

  2. Thanks for saving us time and making time efficient videos. Others are so long winded and who has time to watch an hr video. We or I want to see many videos from different sources so long videos don't work for me. Thanks

  3. I feel RBG is in hands of Patriots with an ankle bracelet, if she's not dead. I think she's dead though. I think 3/4 of Congress will be arrested for their crimes after SOTU.

  4. I think many of the demoncrats wont even attend that will give them cover for rbg not being there and I think they have rgb on life support till 2020

  5. Ruthie on Ice, steam coming off of her head, Mike Pence putting a Diet Coke on top of her head, etc. 😆😄😂🤣 She's asleep more times than not, so I don't think anyone would know unless they have her eyes pried open. Then it would be disturbing noticing that she never blinks. I laughed so hard when you were talking about it my sides hurt. I'm not being mean, but I couldn't help myself. If they did give more EOD at the SOTU address it would be very interesting to see the facial expressions, especially Pelosi's. At RBG's funeral, too. Watch people pass out or run screaming from the funeral. I'm sorry, I'm in one of those crazy moods today. Now on a more serious note, I hope Trump doesn't declare a national emergency to build the wall. If, God forbid, a Democrat did end up in the WH, they could use it for far worse purposes. I hope they can reach a compromise that will be good for our country instead of destroying it. Listening to Pelosi talk about it gives me a migraine just thinking about how insanely useless her ideas of border security are or any of her opinions, for that matter. Thank the good Lord she can only be SOTH for 2 more years. Let's pray God holds her back from doing too much damage. I'm not very good at guessing, so I don't know who won't be there for the SOTU address. If they're not there, I hope it's because they are headed to Military Tribunals. I'll stop rattling on. Love your vids and your POV. I'm praying for your wellbeing and safety. God bless you.

  6. Hey Joshie Bear, can you send DJT one of your Nick Cage setups with a Darth Bader Ginsburg face on it so he can set it up in the front row for the S.C. Justices section to be complete?
    It would be AWESOME! • 😃

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