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GITMO For Treasonous Pelosi & Her Bohemian Grove Husband – Tribunals

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Todays video is a bit slower paced. I’m a bit sleep deprived today but I will come back stronger tomorrow! 🙂

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Daily XRP News


  1. waiting for a declaration of Nation Emergency, and clearing out of the deep state/devil worships is getting difficult.
    (including waiting for a possible financial reset, also? hopefully…)
    if President Trump and his Team are "playing chess" with the enemies, would they wait until the dems/liberals waste all their moves, or use all their ammo first?
    just a thought.

  2. I watched a video that implied that this whole shutdown is a strategy. Win #1 – he gets the wall or Win #2 the employees who are out after 30 days of shutdown are laid off. After 60 more days they are terminated permanently (swamp drained). Win #3 both 1 + 2 happens and Trump goes into re-election process saying he fulfilled all promises.

    Oh – and why was Pelosi leaving the country with her whole family? Was a terrorist attack thwarted? 3rd in line for the Presidency…

  3. Have you done any looking into biometric identification??..I’ve seen lots people starting to say Trump will implement that as I have heard him talking in at least 2 speeches. They say it is that the mark of the beast. I would like to hear your take on that.

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