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GITMO Watch – Who Will Be Missing From State of The Union 2019?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Just read the rest of the story on roe vs wade…all started with a 17 yo girl in 1969 who lost her job was poor and didn't want to have her baby ..then sharks came in and used her for political agenda…roe vs wade…the girls name was Jane Mccorvey, aka Jane Roe..and actually NEVER had the abortion and died a pro lifer…what was done in darkness in the 70's has been bought to light in 2019. There are two archways of Baal…one in New York and one in London…the two places with the big abortion celebrations…we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against wickedness in high places…new York has been weighed and found lacking…may God have mercy…

  2. I had twins, carried them around in their car seats one in each arm, got massive arthritis in both shoulders. Couldn’t lift a pot. Started lifting weights. Voila.. no more pain..😃😃😃

  3. Arthritis is the source of the your pain. Go for the asprin, just plain old Bayer Asprin. If you try the vegetable cocktail by Carrie GI let us know if it worked.

  4. This could get to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. This is NOT democrat versus republican. The disposal of the threat goes back through both American British freemason led political parties for 50 years that I know plus a few hundred before that. After years of having our hands tied, our good friends standing with us by the red white and blue are shi_canning American British pedophiles and pedophile freemasons. I worked full time volunteer to have Jimmy Carter clean out the stink from freemason pedophiles Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon fraud filth. Only to have PRESIDENT Jimmy Carter give the management of the U.S. Patent Office, Postal Service, and NASA to the British royal family business. This SERCO/SES crowd must be flushed for the overpaid genetic slag that they are. My group has been trying to get the Jackson/Bush/Clinton/Obama pedophiles set as compost in a landfill somewhere since 1970. Let's see who we got so far. What are you going to do with a nasty pitbull dog after it has raped and killed your family? Take it to the pound?

  5. One thing POTUS can do at the State of the Union is declare Congress and The Senate into a 3 day recess, he has the Power as POTUS, do to a disagreement between the leader of the House, and the leader of the Senate. The leader of the Senate has called for Pelosi to begin negotiations on reopening the government and the wall funding. She hasn't responded, thus giving POTUS the recess power. This will also give him the power to make recess appointments, a win, win.

  6. Great commentary Joshie Bear. I think criminals that have enjoyed the protection of corrupt politicians are now being exposed and taken into custody. But it has to be a very clandestine, carefully strategized procedure. I can't wait for the state of the union address to see who is missing. Trump is the master puppeteer. God bless you and keep you safe in the cleft of His wing. Keep doing good, and watch it return to you tenfold. Blessings!

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