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Global FOMO, Prices higher on BTC & XRP in Japan, Ripple David Schwartz Consensus 2019

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Prices have a premium purchase price in Japan as the Global FOMO takes hold.

May 13-15; Consensus brings together the leading visionaries, developers, executives, investors, educators and more to lead the charge to determine the future of blockchain and digital assets. Whether you’re building innovative dApps, educating newcomers, running brilliant companies, or disrupting entire industries, there’s something for everyone.

Ripple Ryan Zagone and David Schwartz to be on the list of Speakers.

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  1. The elephants in the room, that no one wants to talk about is that the xrp retail price is not only immune to fantastic news (for the whole of the last year), but for the whole of this year……… is also immune from the entire market surging upward……… of right now it hasn't even put on a cent since this last 50 billion market run up run up began a few days ago…….. XRP looks like it will stay at 30 cents regardless of what happens for the rest of the year and it seems to me David Shwartz who just sold out a whole pile of his personal xrp, said "there is no reason for xrp to be valued at more than 30 cents right now…………………worst investment of the year in the top ten coins is, XRP

  2. I think it can be interesting to keep an eyes on the way that Ripple releases the escrow. My feeling is that each time bitcoin goes up, xrp follows and suddenly loses more than other crypto… Maybe it's less visible for Ripple to release xrp during sharp increases… ?? Is it a stupid idea??

  3. Ripple XRP is a SCAM:

    * Ripple / XRP Red Flags
    FACT: Corey Johnson, Director of Marking at Ripple leaves and his position eliminated because it's "not even needed".
    FACT: Wells Fargo once again rejects XRapid. CEO says "We are not impressed" after latest test.
    FACT: XRP price continues to stagnate in the $0.30's and worse yet volume dries to a trickle while BTC and ETH price and volume boom.
    FACT: Ripple's chief scientist and cryptologist David Schwarz announces in April he's "going part time" at Ripple:

    FACT: Between April 9 and April 15 2019 David Schwarz (Chief Cryptologist at Ripple) sells $2.8Million worth of his own XRP (nearly half of all he owns). So much for the rumor about David Schwarz being Satoshi Nakamoto!
    Stop listening to HYPE and THINK. XRP is a SCAM offered by Ripple the Company to fund their operations off YOUR hard earned money while they sell their OTHER services to their customers

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