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*GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN LOOMS* Ripple/XRP: Digital Dollar, Yuan, Euro, Yen, & Pound.. Blackouts Arrive

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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  1. he has been wrong for the last 2 years…. Last year he told ppl to sell their house for xrp because it would be 1k by jan 2020. Dude has no finicial background or skill and uses clickbait for views

  2. They already told you over a month ago that the central banks were ready and could go to their CBDC's in 1 day. This idea that they are needing more time to get their CBDC's ready is just a dog and pony show for the sheeple. The markets are manipulated, the governments are habitual liars and the financial sector is chalk full of professional thieves. They will only let things climb in price once they feel that they have squeezed the last penny out of the public's pocket. There are a few coins that are never mentioned but are in fact already being used in the REAL world, those are the ones to hold and HODL. Why are they willing to talk all day long about BTC and ETH? Simple, because they are going NOWHERE. ETH isn't going anywhere without Flare and XRPL. BTC is dead in the water and is good for speculation only as it cannot scale and is required to be mined. ETH is not much better even with version 2.0 as it requires mining as well. If the central banks and wall street can get you to invest in the markets or BTC and ETH, they will clean out your account and leave you holding an asset that froze your funds while the real assets climbed in price.
    It seems that The Bearable Bull still has not learned that Yuan is pronounced You-on and that Won is Korean currency. At least he gets Yen correct.

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