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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Judy Shelton clearly does NOT advocate a retreat to the gold standard. ALL govt's want control and that is why CBDCs are attractive – XRP is the king of bridges with its interoperability, speed and cost. The US has an opportunity to seize the day with crypto and Ripple, but they continue to dither and squander the opportunity before them
    Ask, why SWIFT is dragging the chain like a dinosaur – because the USA does not want to relinquish its ability to impose economic sanctions on its rivals/enemy.
    This is the main reason we have not seen the SEC and other US authorities announce a clear path to regulation about digital currencies. On the other hand China is ready with its CBDC so the USA must catch up or be left behind. These are the realities of what is happening behind the scenes. The Fed is dragging the chain with faster payments as they mimic close relatives of the stone age banking system when it comes to innovation and action. The fed system is totally fragmented, in disarray and needs a complete overhaul to facilitate better systems that are already adept and have been tested. You may not like these facts but this is the diagnosis of the US banking system and their $US pre-eminence is under siege.
    Asia, Europe, UK, Russia is and will continue their assault on the Bretton Woods and the $US monopoly. 🐿

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