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H.R.56 Financial Technology Act Officially Passed Congress.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. So, one thing that drives me crazy about people that hate xrp simply because it's supposedly a banker coin is the fact they are not looking at the big picture.

    Xrp wasn't meant to be for every day people like you and me. Its for the banks only in my opinion. It wasnt meant to be a transaction coin but It's meant to settle transactions that's already happened.

    When you sit down and think about it, xrp is doing with banks what bitcoin was a suppose to do for the average consumer, which is move away from the current fiat system.

    Xrp is getting the banks to ditch cash reserves and essentially adopt crypto for bank to bank use. If you replace the banks with people, then it sound like the exact idea satoshi envisioned for bitcoin.

    I just find it odd that pro bitcoin people can't grasp this concept. This in turns paves and easier way for bitcoin and all other cryptos in my eyes.

    I'm very pro bitcoin but at the same time I'm extremely skeptical since it doesn't have a unique use case. Other than xrp, platforms like eth and eos, and privacy coins, they seem all the same.

  2. If government gets involved in crypto they will just fuck it up. They will want a way to trace transactions back to individuals. And have the ability to lift coins straight out of your pocket. And have automatic taxation. Who knows what else.

  3. Look at all the scams in fiat. They run amuck..more so than in the crypto space.
    And they are just laying the groundwork with this bill.

  4. You want to be wealthy? Sick of the Bear market? I sure am. Blockchains future is inevitable, but do I want its next awakening to be 5 years away or 5 months. I’ve played lazy and just Hodled. No More! Let’s do this together! Contact your state Rep. took me 8 minutes. But here is my sample wording you can use to cut that time down to 4.

    State reps name here,
    Thank you for taking the time to read this VERY IMPORTANT message. I have been following for a few years now the technology sector globally. It is clear the United States is moving slowly (and to there detriment) while many other countries like Russia, Japan, Estonia, Malta, and many others are taking advantage of what is inevitably the future of money. I am asking if you would please take a look at the bipartisan “token taxonomy act” introduced by rep Warren Davidson and Darren Soto. URGENT is an interesting word. Relative to the next 12 hours, I wouldn’t call the US’ attention to this matter URGENT. Relative to the next 12 months and how fast other countries are moving on this technology. To that I would say we were not urgent and will be hindered by being so late to Forefront of something that will clearly affect all humans globally from here on out. Cryptocurrency/blockchain is not a “shady” niche market. But currencies like XRP are staged to overhaul banking, liquidity, and settlement times as we know it. However in the US these technologies are currently stuck in the mud due to little and unclear regulation. THE SHIPPING CONTAINER GLOBALIZED PRODUCT. THE INTERNET GLOBALIZED INFORMATION. DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY WILL GLOBALIZE FINANCE. THIS IS ONE PARTY WE DO NOT WANT TO BE LATE TO. Thank you so much for your attention to progressing this important matter to the main stage where it should be.

    If we all in this community put 5-10 minutes in a day making progressive moves to educate and spread the word of Digital assets, we will will surely reap the rewards!

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