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Happy Ripple Xrp Thanksgiving From Joshie Bear (Cops Show Up)

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Never believe in dates because your just asking for a let down , the price will come like a thief in the night , when you least expect it and thats whats exciting for me πŸ˜‰ have a great holiday .

  2. Happy Thanks Giving to you to Joshie Bear, I woke up to the sound of your alert & the sound of thunder thank god we are finally geting our first rain we need so bad to help with the fires! anyhow happy thanks giving to all xrp give thanks for all we have , one day we will be able the help the less fortunate…

  3. P.S how I'm feeling , I'm feeling blessed to have found xrp no matter the price right now I got in at a great price & hope others find xrp before its way expensive! like way over the moon expensive…

  4. I'm feeling good as a xrp holder we have won the lottery in slow motion. I'm in the UK so we don't celebrate thanksgiving but have a good one soon moon time is coming

  5. The biggest mystery is not when XRP will take off, but rather why you have a cardboard cutout of Nick Cage is your back seat. Sam should do a video on it.

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