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Has FinCen, The SEC & The CFTC Been Planning On Green Lighting BTC & Stifling Ripple XRP Since 2014?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Great way to control the peons and stop them buying low and then getting rich and being free……. get this last run pump in and sell bois and girls! then last bear drop buy back in at the -75%

  2. ETH is HOT garbage > gas fees, network bugs causing FORKS

    BTC is HOT garbage > We all know that here.

    Is Solana potentially the new store of value? Proof of history?

    I know Solana has multiple corporations such as Apple on their blockchain ~ among many others…

    XRP/XLM > Flare > Solana > Algorand > ADA > CODIUS > PolySign > ISO20022 > Quantum Financial System???!?!?!?



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  4. Excellent video. I completely agree with Willy Woo. Add in Staking rewards, CeFi, and DeFi that offer yield creates storage demand that didn’t exist in previous cycles. Also, utility and expectation of future utility of asset & network

  5. Ripple and XRP are not being sued. Ripple is a company and is being sued. XRP is a decentralized cryptocurrency and CANNOT be sued. Please do not conflate the two, you are fueling the BTC maxi narrative that the 2 are the same.

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