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Has xRapid Gone Live in a Soft Launch?

Daily XRP News

In this video we take a look at the global landscape and some likely storms on the horizon. I get into some wealth preservation strategies, and discuss what I think caused last week’s XRP price gains. I also give you a few things to look for to possibly confirm xRapid early launch by Ripple.

Housing Crash in China Eminent?

Daily XRP News


  1. i have a question for you . what would prevent ripple to add and rise the numbers of XRP in circulation ? and I heard that Xrp is NOT mine like the others currencies… is that true ??

  2. Careful with the plane. Anybody who has spent time in those circles know people who have died. I know three myself. Two were very highly qualified.
    I was going to get my private license after riding with friends. I wanted the freedom. But after one friend and his son passed. I took pause. Then a guy I really respected crashed his private plane (He was an AA pilot too) I decided it would be cheaper and less risk to my family to just buy tickets on demand. It still cheaper that a private plane. Something to consider.

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