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Here’s How Ripple’s XRP Could Hit $589 ( ONE DAY ) surprise live stream

Daily XRP News

XRP Daily News
World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Adds Fiat-to-Crypto Trading for XRP and Bitcoin Cash

Wall Street Investors Bet Half a Billion Dollars on Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and More, Says Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Binance Launches Crypto Price Alerts for Traders, Supports Zcash on Trust Wallet, Targets One Million With New Initiative

Reddit Co-founder Says Crypto Winter Erased Speculators, Gave Space to Real Builders TRX XRP SAME INVESTORS
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Daily XRP News
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  1. I used to be an xrp hodler before but awakened last dec.2018 from xrp's conspiracy price manipulation wherein the price always go downtrend inspite of multiplying investors and institutions. It's so obvious that there are people controlling the price and fooling the mass by spreading the words "great opportunity to buy or great time to buy". Now 2019, i am enjoying my gains from ETH.

  2. Ha.. I think you said it right there CKJ (@37:20mins)! If you don't believe in the potential of XRP..Sell your XRP right now, and we'll see you later! I find it hilarious that a lot of folks already know what XRP can or cannot do, even though this is a brand new technology.What could they be comparing this to? I bet you the people that purchased BTC at (sub penny levels) never imagined that BTC would skim the $20k levels.BUT.. I am sure they faced scores of people waiting in line to call this belief "Crazy".
    Which brings me to this point: BTC went to the $20K level off of absolutely nothing, but speculation.What would BTC have been, with an actual use case and bank partnerships?Since this is brand new technology, what do people have to compare this against? Definitely not any track record of existing commodities.

  3. My 2019 ranking prediction.
    #1 – btc
    #2 – bch
    #3 – eth
    #4 – xrp

    I was an xrp hodler but awakened in early dec2018 so transferred all to other 3. I am enjoying my gains from those 3 since i exit from xrp.

  4. I am agree with u r comments but here the concern is all big investors have already invested in btc they will not allow to go btc down and crypto go up so in spite of high utility additional fomo which require to go price up for xrp will always remain with btc etherium ltc because of big money investment with those crypto

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