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Here’s Why Military Tribunals AND Martial Law Can Happen In 2019 !

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  1. I'd love to see it happen, I hope it does happen but these people nearly always avoid justice unfortunately. I've been hoping Tony Blair would be tried at The Hague for war crimes but I just can't see it happening. Who knows, maybe if Bush rolls over he'll give up Blair and the rest as well.

  2. That is all bullshit…Josh…no one wants these shitbags to go pound rocks more than me…but it won't be done by military tribunals….There are no photos leaked of any activity at GITMO. Q is a larp to make you think something is being done behind the scenes. I want all these bad actors to swing too. Think for a second….would the NSA and CIA let something like Q even exist if it went against their plan? Wouldn't it be more feasible to let disinformation out in an elaborate package in riddles. You young gamers got to get out of mommys basement and start writing you public officials and start demonstrating in front of the MSM outlets on mass ..Boycott supporters of the MSM news channels. Take to the streets with peaceful protests…be seen and organize. Don't watch internet threads from someone you don't even know at home and think your making any difference.. Just my respectful thoughts.

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