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*HISTORIC LEAKED DOCUMENT* Ripple/XRP & SWIFT To Merge, Banks CAUGHT.. System Shift Will Be Forced

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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  1. Hoping bearable bull replies to this actually interested in an answer from either him or anyone in the XRP space, my question is what’s to stop The big banks ie: Goldman, JP etc to just completely not use ripple or xrp at all & just invest a crap load of money & just work with swift & make their own version of fast transaction technology, i mean they are a bank after all, they would rather have the whole cake instead of sharing slices, just curious because no ones answered this question, thank you

  2. We are living in the age of fakes. And this is just another fake. XRP along with other cryptos is good for trading and making money. But it is on the Moon already, no other moon is in the sight.

  3. Lads. Its all rigged. Banks don't have to explain themselves to anyone. All the suppression and dirty money laundering is ok because they play by there own rules. Rules that we the masses are not privy to. Even if they rolled out 1 banker or politician in front of the cameras and prosecuted him it would all be for entertainment purposes. The banker or politician in question wouldn't spend a day in jail. We would be led to believe that they were doing time but in reality he'd be on a retirement island somewhere.

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