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How Crypto Regulations Will Be Used to Rip You Off

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We’re going to look at how government “regulations” get used when the government gets desperate.


Daily XRP News
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  1. Zimbabwe HAD enormous wealth 40 years ago when it was still known as Rhodesia, I lived there as a child. It was the bread basket of Africa before the Mugabe regime ran it into the ground, committed genocide on the farmers, chased us out with the clothes on our backs. He then watched his own people starve because he stole the wealth. I could write a book on why the economy crashed.

  2. I have always enjoyed your content.. but my recent observation about you is very disturbing to say the least. Are you affiliated with Ripple in any way? I remember some people in an old discord group lied about you that you stole funds and a lady called you a liar, and now those same people are in your discord group and you seemed to get along well with the same ppl who called you thief It is not making any sense 🙁

  3. Great video. Apollo has the ADF CEO as chairman and already in talks in Africa. Talking with the finance minister and upper echelons. Apollo is public by default, private by choice. With sharding hitting any day it's actually a good fit. Crypto will take over sooner than people think in Africa. Zimbabwe especially.

  4. Perhaps you didn’t get the memo…. Apollo Currency all over this… numerous meetings over past two months… you are spot on but all you need to do for this video is replace word XRP with APL ….. excellent video none the less!!!!

  5. great work samiam thx , how can i find out my coin i own is out off business ? it couchain (cou) can not excess to there website, i google search it go no where please help …

  6. I have a year supply for me and my wife and just built a 800w solar system just in case the power goes out to keep the fridge running. I hope people are not just loading up on XRP.

  7. It's not that they don't know about XRP. But even if they do, how would they buy it? Buy it from whom? Are you willing to sell your XRP to help them and get worthless Zimbabwe Dollar?

    They are caught in a very bad situation…

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