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How To Win The Information War & A Word of Caution About Election 2020

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Most Trump supporters are piece full.
    But most leftists are hateful.
    We / republicans and open minded people. Did our best to respect our president Obama.
    Now it’s our turn. And we get no respect.
    But the biggest difference is. The leftist hero’s are criminals. Though there are republican criminals too.
    This is a battle of getting our country back in order. It is not pretty.
    But you have a good heart. As do I. It hurts to see all the anger.
    It is a fight we have to undergo. And it makes me very uneasy too.
    (Just my thoughts)
    Keep being yourself J Bear

  2. I know here your coming from's kind of discussing ..there is a lot of trolling going on..your screwed if u do ..and screwed if u don't…I'm a trump supporter and sometimes the trolls even put words in your mouth .! we all have to start sticking together .never all this ankle bitting!!! I know that u can't please everyone…we just need to stay in prayer to win this spritual fight against the demons..and stop all this trolling one another… God bless and b safe….

  3. Some people you will never help. Do what we know is right. Don't cast pearls to swine. Speak the truth. Truth will win out. Can't compromise with evil.

  4. Joshie Bear, You're doing everything you can. The mind-controlled snowflakes will NEVER get it. But just know that sane, reasonable people agree with you and feel just as frustrated. In the end though, we'll win. Keep praying and believing…

  5. I couldn’t agree more buddy. I want a long happy life and wouldn’t off myself. I don’t want the 1% too ruin my us all. And Joshie maybe more videos and longer length Along with expanding wold help

  6. I've been in the same boat for 3 years brother. Forced to quit my dream job as a nurse of 4 years in a level one physical rehab facility as a spinal cord injury RN because they began viciously targeting me after finding out I was a conservative. People I was friends with for years all cut me out just for supporting Trump. Misguided, brainwashed and/or sick people. Stay the course and trust the plan.

  7. You will have my complete cooperation once the Clintons and their cartel are behind bars. The lights in the blue room will be powered off.

  8. [R]-'Cartoon'-Style-SONG As-Catchy-As SUGAR-SUGAR

    … With-[R]-Political-MESSAGE As-Deep-As IN-Magine!!!??? >(*U^)<

    &-The-'World'-Will-Be-As-ONE ("I"-'Noticed' The-Version Thart-Came-Across My-Partners 'Eye'-PHONE Last-Week Had-The-Last-Line Altered To Something-Like 'Live'-As-ONE … Which-Created Quite-[R]-Mandela-EFFECT On-'My'-Part … "I"-Can-Assure-You.

  9. You are spot on about sloppy fast food.
    Problem is that 1% controls every aspect of our lives. Our Media, Food, Politics…. list goes on right down to our emotions. It’s not just here but around the world. I do believe mankind could live in peace with each other. How do you take that power away from them? You do a service by sharing news without the spin. Call out both sides. It is difficult to watch the News shows, I turn to YT so I get the story without the vile hatred.

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